Name: Alisian de Lunaline

Photo on 2012-04-10 at 19.17

Alisian de Lunaline. I'll get a better photo later -- Llharry

Age: 18

Eye colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Black

Skin: Beige

Traits: A feline appearence

Likes: Cats, Serving Erozif

Dislikes: Being outside, People cat-calling her.

Clothing: Leotard (Black) Skirt (Black)

Backstory: Alisian joined the Lunaline family at the age of 16, her cat-like appearence catching the eye of Erozif, who uses her as a servant and something to show of her status. She lived on the streets until Erozif found her, having been kicked out for her differences to the children she grew up with. The cat ears and tail may hove come from her closeness with cats, and probably some form of blood sharing took place when she was little