Traits:Smart,Deceiving, Good Buisness man

Likes:Blood, Money, Alchemy, Gauntlets, Jewels and fine powders.


Bio:Aofuru is a what you would call, The sharpest tool in the shed, he is very fast, and always ready for pretty much anything (Besides girls >_>). He always keeps his cool yet that is for one reason, his training.

When he was only young, His mother was vicously raped and was killed the day after, his father, looked after him until one day, he went out to face some bandits. He never returned. Aofuru Is one force to be reckoned with, as his father taught him to use projectiles. From Bows to small Daggers, he can fire pretty much anything. He also enjoys manipulating time to confuse others. Using his amulet which was once his mothers, he can almost always escape people.

His main weapon is A kunai :P