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Arazael, Archmage, Syrphael Tyrphsson


Unknown, somewhat middle-aged. As a half-elf his lifespan is more than double that of an average healthy human being, aging less than half as much as a normal male.

Eye colour:

Emerald Green

Hair Colour:

Ash Brown


Fair, pigmented tan


Worldly wisdom, eccentric, adventurous, yet somewhat stubborn and self-critical of himself. He is also mildly claustrophobic, erratic at times and has something of a rather short attention span, save for the things he truly finds interest in. Despite his strange qualities the limits of his magic have not yet been seen in the time he has occupied this court.


People, little things and exploring.


Small spaces, feeling restricted, lack of freedom.


Often wearing a weather-worn cloak or a robe.


Some say he inherited his powers from his supposed father, a great and powerful Elven wizard. Others say the gods themselves gifted him with them as a boy. Some have reason to believe when he attained his high level of magic he went mad, and thus became the estranged man he is at the present. All that is known of him is his great power and his (at-times) estranged behaviour.

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