Age: 18

Eye colour:Red

Hair Colour:Black

Skin:Lightly tanned, but where her suit is she is pale

Traits:Naturally beautiful as a succabus, weak in daylight.

Likes: Blood, Gold and clockwork

Dislikes: Daylight, Loosing and working for people

Clothing: Generally a golden suit which enhances her strength and such, which she wears nothing underneath, or a plain cloak, under which she also wears nothing.

Backstory: Azif was born a demon, the product of a vampire and a succubus' relationship. She became adept with clockwork after meeting Laura de Lunaline, and designed her own suit, which helped her assist other people, and get what she needed to stay alive. However, she was soon betrayed, and robbed of all she had. She moved to Kritana to restart her life, taking residence in the abandoned mountain, and forging an assortment of weapons into her suit.

Suit abilities: Enhances her natural magic, Increased strength, Flight, Speed, Reactions due to her enhanced abilities in a high magical field.