Name: Celdin Taleth

Age: 25

Eye colour: Vibrant Green

Hair Colour: Brown

Skin: Pale

Traits: Elven, Farsighted, Master at pickpocketing, lockpicking, lying. Expert at sneaking, and Invisible Knife Technique. Witty. Master at parkour and acrobatics. Adept at the Poniard.

Likes: Gold, Platinum, Silver. Lying. Breaking the law. Woman. Cities. Showing off.

Dislikes: Fighting. Heavy armor. Blood.

Clothing: Hide armor. Claims to be made of dragonhide. We all know its bear hide.  

Backstory: Besides the obvious hard-ships of living in underground tunnels, and his birth parents (A drunk noble and a prostitude) abandoning him long before he could remember, Taleth has been living a fairly decent life.  He was taken in by the thiefs guild when he was abandoned, and has lived there ever since.  He would spend the first 10 years of his life acting as decoys and distractions for the more "Experienced thieves", and he never completed his first pickpocket until he was 14.  However, he quickly improved from a two bit rat distracting fat merchants.  He now has completed 4 successful castle inflitrations for their amulets (and one failed.)

               He has only been caught twice by guards.  One time during a castle inflitration, another during a nobleman's party (When he "accidentaly" slept with the nobles daughter).  He has various connections across town, in touch with the bandit's camp, the rebels hideout near the crypt, the knights guild, and a few merchants in the market place.  When he's not thieving, he's under the alias "Huor Oronar", the castle chef.