Name: Cryska

Gender: Female

Aliases: Shift, Blur.

Age: 18

Eye colour: Cold blue

Hair Colour: Black

Skin: Pale

Traits: Good at telling what people are thinking.

Likes: Blood, Money, Killing (When she shifts)

Dislikes: Sunlight, Friends being injured, Being friendly

Clothing: Black cloak, Silk wrapper around feet instead of shoes

Reiki: Control of in-animate objects, Conjuration.

Race: Anmen

Backstory: Cryska has a blurred past, simply appearing in parts of history. Though she has no confirmed birthday, She seems to be around 18 years of age. She has occasionally been seen with a silver haired companion, who appears a lot younger than her.

Her personality is distorted. She has been seen to kill many at random, without emotion apart from pleasure at doing so. After such events she doesn't appear to remember much, and has taken to calling such things 'Shifts', to those she discusses it with.

One unique ability she has is summoning many small daggers, and causing them to spin around her at amazing speed. This does however injure her to the point of unconciousness so she has only done so once, while protecting the silver-haired girl sometimes seen with her.

Another strange thing is she appears to have been trained in combat in a camp where command words were instilled in her very mind. Upon hearing one she will instantly, without thinking do what she was trained to do on hearing it. This could be useful in combat, if they are figured out. Only one is known currently, which is "Lakera", meaning 'Put away your weapons'.