Name: Disease

Age: N/A

Eye colour: N/A

Hair Colour: N/A

Skin: Shadow-Black

Traits: Aggressive: Unlike Zyroan, Disease is always looking for a fight, he will assault anyone, regardless of status or Zyroan's feelings for them, if he deems them an insult to him. Arrogant; He is over-confident, stubborn, and threatens alot of people for no apparent reason (atleast, in everyone else's minds.)

Likes: Bickering, Bloodshed and Violence

Dislikes: Being treated like the fool, Katherine Cygan.

Clothing: Disease wears a fully-black version of Zyroan's gear, darker than the latters. This is exactly the same shade as his skin. He has 3 diagonal, red "scar" patterns over his mouthcover, shoulderpads and knee-guards. He keeps all his weaponry (2 Scimitars, and 8 Knives on string) in a cloak he always carries with him.

Backstory: Disease has plagued Zyroan, as his "Evil" counterpart, since his Parents' deathes. No one knows of his origin, not even Zyroan himself. It is confirmed that the truth on how to defeat Disease his around somewhere, especially likely to be in the Deris Family book. However, time is running out for Zyroan; The longer Disease remains unchecked, the more he takes over the body of his host. He is the true cause of Zyroan's mouth stitching, and was unleashed by Katherine Cygan