Erozif De Lunaline

A quick sketch of Erozif in her 'Fancy' clothes.

Name: Erozif De Lunaline

By: Llharry

Age: 18

Eye colour: Red and black

Hair Colour: Red

Skin: Extremely pale, due to lack of sunlight.

Likes: Night-time, The colour black, Blood and money.

Dislikes: Being caught unawares, being unarmed, and losing.

Clothing: She wears a black cloak and under coat. Under this She wears some extremerly expensive clothes, but they have no weapons with them, meaning her cloak has all of her weapons attached.

Other: Though intellegent normally, When she hasn't been in combat for a while, she tends to act more childish, and make more mistakes. Also, her addiction to blood means she often rates people on its taste, meaning it can get the better of her. Natural sadist. While wearing her cloak she cannot swim as the weapons make her sink like a lead balloon. She also has a taste for blood, despite no vampires being known to be in her lineage, and is known to drink blood from any of her servants, including

Alisian de Lunaline

Backstory: After being kidnapped by the rebel group Reverse, she was trained to be a stealthy killer, and helped eliminate their opposition in Amberground. Being forced to run until unconcious once a week from 3 years old, and twice a week from then on, after hounds were set loose on her regularly. After each 'mission' she completed she was brainwashed by various means. The repeated wiping of her memory began to make it stronger, as well as changing her memories rapidly. After finally figuring out her real parents were killed by Reverse, she turned against them with her "Little sister", the pyromaniac known only as Seki. Within a fortnight, the Reverse vanished. She now roams the world, looking for a place to fit in.

She also shares the house on the snowy mountain with the rest of the Lunaline's on Kritana.

(Yes, I know half of this was from Tegami Bachi.)

(I'll start drawing her. Will take a while .-.)