Name: Katsan

Age: 18

Eye colour: Purple

Hair Colour: Black

Skin: Beige

Traits: An almost impossibly good liar, Which also causes him to be amazing at telling if someone is lieing. He can kill without emotion


Race: Nekorian


Clothing: A thick black cloak, so he can hide his tail when he's out.

Backstory: Katsan grew up essentially alone from the age of 6, before which he retains no memories of. He found himself in positions of power easily, and watched as it slowly corrupted those around him. At some point in his life, Maybe even before he can remember, he met a girl called Aeko, Who he considers to be his only friend, apart from his pet Golden hawk, Karakan.

The missing six years are strange. The only information he has found of them is that the word Rl'yeh seems to be around where ever they are concerened

He did however watch his homeland burn after human-kind invaded in order to take the Nekorians as pets and servants (The Two Year War). Though he doesn't seem to hold a grudge, Aeko tends to stop people straying onto that topic. Efficiently.