Kenchi, without her sword.

Name: Kenchi Yatari

Age: 17

Eye colour: Red

Hair Colour: Black

Skin: Slightly tanned

Traits: Bone's are hollow, and she is therefore lighter. Also, her skin is less dense, reducing her weight significantly. Due to this and other traits she can jump 5 feet straight up, and only weighs 35Kg. Has Hemophilia


Aliases: Lokira

Dislikes: Crowds

Weapons: A 1 1/2 meter long sword, 1cm thick and an inch wide. It's sharp on one edge, and slightly curved.

Clothing: Black satin cloak and a white shirt, covered by a red waist coat with gold trim.

Backstory:Kenchi's story begins in a military outpost. After five years of solitary confinement, the door on her cell opened fully for the first time. She was lead to a small arena, with another child opposite. Being told to fight, she nodded, having read such in the book she had been given through the hatch in the door, and with what practice she had she could understand what they wanted. The fight was bloody and short, with Kenchi simply dodging the boy's sword and ramming two fingers through his eye. The onlookers nodded in approval, and she was trained in sword wielding for the 12 years after.

However, she failed to put on weight, never rising above 35 kilograms. As such, she was given lighter equipment, and trained in agility. In the last month of his training, she was put into 'mixing' where other people from the local villages, along with instructors taught her how to speak properly, and basic social skills. After this, she was sent to the kingdom to serve the royal family's every whim with her life and soul.