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Name: Koro

Age: 17

Eye colour: Red

Hair Colour: White, Usually dyed black with charcoal

Skin: Pale

Traits: Nekorian, Black fur

Likes: Blood, Gems, Female humans

Dislikes: Being looked down on

Clothing: Black cloak, if outside. Usually wears nothing in her house; At most a few bandages to cover herself.


At the age of 4, Koro was assigned to a simple test with one goal: Create the ultimate weapon. For 10 years, she went through almost unimaginable torture, turning her into a psychotic creature with only one goal: Killing.

Such 'training' left her with more than just memories. She'll rarely sleep without someone near her, and will scream and shake violently if she wakes up and no-one is there. Her back is almost all scar tissue, up until where her clothing ends, where it also ends abruptly. Her 'trainers' didn't want her enemies to see her as weak, and as such no scars are visible on her skin.

She was then left in a northern kingdoms lands, causing as much chaos as she could possibly handle. Over the years, she slowly regained her sanity, with the help of a girl named Alisian who Koro simply considered a pet to pass the time when killing was slow. Alisian still kept Koro alive instead of running away, and stopped her from bleeding, starving and freezing to death many times.

When she heard of the downfall of Nekoria, she locked herself away in an old building she and Alisian had commandeered, before staring into space for weeks upon end, sleeping only when she fell unconcious, and eating only when forced to by Alisian. She fell away from what few friends she had. She began to become possesive, protecting anything she considered her's with incredible viciousness, including her servants.

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Koro is a pretty big unknown in the world. Most record of her have been systematically destroyed in order to keep her wanted status as low as possible.