Name: Laura de Lunaline

Age: 18

Eye colour: Gold

Hair Colour: Black

Skin: Beige

Traits: Clockwork animals / Weapons

Likes: Clockwork, gold.

Dislikes: Heights, heat

Clothing: Solid gold Armour.

Backstory: Laura was a quiet child. After being given a clockwork owl called Archimedes on her fourth birthday, she was left alone. The high magical field around her house caused Archimedes to come 'alive' and she was essentially raised by him. By the time she reached 8, she was making working animals, all from solid gold. At the age of 16, she realized that she had no materials left to repair the only friends she had; Clockwork animals. After using what little money she earned from her animals doing jobs to buy gold, she ended up stealing food. However, the people grew wary, not liking the walking animals. At one point she was attacked by a mob, who attempted to burn her house with magic. The high magical field in the area, boosted by the spells caused nightmares to break through into this world. Mysteriously, none attacked the glassy-eyed Laura, who simply stared. She now lives alone, rarely venturing to other towns.