Name: Lifean Roloos

Age: 204 (In coma for 104)

Eye colour: Vibrant Blue

Hair Colour: Blonde

Skin: Pale

Traits: Elven. Strength comparable to an Orc. Master of the hand and a half sword (A.K.A. the Bastard sword) and Shield. Suprisingly good at detecting lies. Athletic. Cocky. May be insane.

Likes: Blood, Women, Swords, Heavy armor, Outdoors, War.

Dislikes: Losing, Enemies, Confined spaces, Ranged attacks, Humans

Clothing: Chainmail armor, Stupid Ahead-of-time Fedora

Backstory: Behold! Champion of Neldran! Victor of 100 battles! One of the greatest fighters the elven kingdom has ever seen! Well, until recently... Son of the nobleman Findecano Roloos, Lifean joined the elven knights at the age of 16, looking for adventure. Under Sir Cevon, he trained using the Bastard sword and shield. In 10 years (Quick for elves), he surpassed even the guildmaster and took over the guild at the young age of 26.

In the 74 years that he ran the guild, he has become an undefeated master in combat. His guild quickly grew in size, and became feared all across his home forest. Life was good. However, somewhere during the 70th year of leading, at the age of 96, it has become apparent that he would constantly fight, ignoring sleep. He has been known to attack his knights in when in a rage, which became often. Though it took long, he became to abuse his power.

On his 100th birthday, when Lifean murdered a young knight, the mages immediatly put Lifean in a coma and sent him to a morgue behind a human kingdom. It was there Lifean slept for 104 years. His power dimished over time, and his tales of glory forgotten in Neldran. No one ever found him, until, at the age of 204, he was somehow woken by a recently resurrected Varis Iduno, who was one of his archers when he was running his guild. After a few jobs, where Lifean tried to regain his sanity, the two split. Lifean went to the nearby kingdom and worked there as a guard.  Varis disappeared all together.

His power has been greatly dimished. He still has the strength to best most people in combat, but he retained his attitude of being invincible, and is cocky. Entirely sure he can best anyone still, he's become more careless, and refuses to accept the fact that his days of glory are over, and has been dimished from a god to just an elite guard of an isolated kingdom.

'Creator': Unit345 (A.K.A Dj_Ping, Neoclassical)