Name: Lightning Ckvexrai

Gender: Female

Aliases: Red lightning (Serial killer)

Age: 18

Eye colour: Blood red

Hair Colour: Silver

Skin: Pale

Traits: Good at alchemy.

Likes: Money, Blood, Alchemy.

Dislikes: Loosing, Being outmatched, Water

Clothing: A white kimino

Race: Human

Backstory: Lightning's sole ambition was to be a mage when she grew up. She visited the library often, learning every aspect of a mages life, and eventually went to the Grand Collage of Magic at Aratheyla. On meeting the Arch-chancellor, her dreams were crushed; She was told she had no magical ability at all. Upon returning home, she hid away in her room for months, learning alchemy to such an extent she almost rivalled even the masters of the alchemists guild. Her crossbow was modified to fire powders with varying effects from copper tubes instead of bolts.

She became a serial killer, murdering many, before eventually being caught in a fight between her and a knight. After that, she was sentenced to being allowed to live if she acted as Princess Kiki's bodyguard. Having fufilled this contract, she was released, and headed to the hills. She has however, been spotted around town a lot recently

She is Koro Ckvexrai's adopted sister. They dont get on very well.