The Nekorians are a race of people with cat like features, including tails, cat ears and sometimes even claws. They are known for their persuasive abilities, and are commonly thought of as myth by mankind. They normally kill purely for fun and blood, as they are all "Tekora," or blood drinkers. Currently, only a few Nekorian's are known:

Alisian De Lunaline


Kenchi Yatari


Nitesky Shotsuko


They tend to find a partner, and after a duel, the strongest becomes the 'Kavetrai' or Handler, and the other becoming then 'Karetrai', simmilar to a servant. Some examples are Katsan and Aeko, Koro and Kenchi, and Kish and Taiga

They also respond to Silvervine quite strangly, often becoming more agressive, or extremerly tired. They almost always want blood after it however.

Another interesting thing is their sense of smell. It is extremerly good, which is both a good and a bad thing. For example, Concentrated aniseed oil and other powerful smells can cause them a bad headache and nosebleed, even in small amounts across a room.


Though most Nekorians speak fluent English, to the point of mimicing the local accent, they all speak Nekorian. The fact that the race, home country and the language are the same name is generally cause for confusion, and the language it's self is extremely complex, some words having more than one meaning.

(Rough guide to language: Nekorian Language


Though little is known of them, It was known most were wiped out when humans set out to capture them as pets. Few people now know of this however as it was deemed it would reduce the popularity of the countrys that did so, as it eventually did. Contrary to popular belief, most dont mind being pets. It's posible that it's habitual


The Nachtver.