Name: Seki de Lunaline

Age: 16

Eye colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Gold

Skin: Beige

Traits: Pyrotechnics

Likes: Fire, Explosions.

Dislikes: Swimming, for obvious reasons.

Clothing: Normally wears a white woollen top and trousers, which are almost charred from her “practices”

Backstory: Kidnapped in the same way as Erozif, Seki escaped her cell to join Erozif, who was her only company. Making friends time and time again after each mission, they slowly began to believe they were sisters, forming a very close bond. When they broke out, Seki was able to make sure no Reverse owned building was more than five feet off the ground. She can normally be found with Erozif or another member of the Lunaline family.