The Anguis-mana (Angis-arnha)are a reptilian-human hybrid species, native to the wastes of Amyrese (Amy-Rae-Az) they are taller than the average human, with an average height of an astounding 6"5, given the Medieval era. I will now list the Positive and Negative attributes of the Dierish, for reference when deciding if they are OP. Notable members are Xyn.

POS: Scaled skin features natural protection, they see in Thermal (UV), and they are notably intelligent, and naturally good at "figuring people out" through observation.

NEG: Cold-Blooded nature means that they must heat themselves up in the morning, they are almost blind at night, relying on sound, pheromones (to a certain degree) and smell. They are physically frail, in most cases.


  • When talking "Imbecilic" (English), they speak with raspy voices and have snake-like lengthening of nouns.
  • Xyn, unlike Sierris or Zyroan, uses a Single One-handed weapon, the double-edged bronze longsword "Perseverance".
  • The Dierish used to be humans, see:
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