The distraught are a group of humanoids*, of the Deris bloodline. They are individuals plagued by an essence of the emotion they most hate themselves feeling. These 'Spirits' can temporarily* take control of the host's body, reminescent of a parasite. This can cause the Spirit to behave in the manner they represent. Much of the time, the change is hard to notice, leading to the host losing the trust of the ones around them for actions 'they' didn't perform. This has lead those suffering from the 'condition' to become less and less social over the generations, lest their 'evil' sides be unleashed onto the world.

Notable DistraughtEdit

Zyroan Deris.

Sierris Deris.

*Members of this 'family' range from Humans to Deriesh.

*1 If left able to be exposed for too long, the essence can completely take over the host, rendering the original character a figment in the former's mind, unable to control his/her actions. It should be noted that feeling love for overs is, oddly, a 'cure' to this 'condition'.