Name: Yami

Gender: Female

Aliases: Golden Darkness.

Age: 17

Eye colour: Vividly golden.

Hair Colour: Golden

Skin: Pale

Traits: Killer, Obeys command words.

Likes: Blood, Money and Rokai

Dislikes: Failing in a fight/contract.

Weapon of choice: Candles with potions infused into them, Knives, Long needles and other stealthy weapons.

Clothing: Black cloak, Black silk instead of shoes for silent walking.

Command words (Said before command, if any):

Miinekra = Stop.
Zifiire = Look at me.
Vekra = Remember.
Lakera = Put away your weapons.
Shiiro = Do as I say.

Siira = (essentially a reward. Makes her feel happy.)

Rukyra = Wake up.

Race: Nekorian

Backstory: Not much is known of the Golden darkness, even her real name is usually kept secret. Her reputation of being able to kill, torture and carry information reliably is well known though, meaning she is rarely without work.  She has been taught to obey command words without thinking, but not many know these and Yami does not appear to wish to share them. Rumor has it she keeps a few in the book she carries, but the book is written in pictures meaning it is almost impossible to understand, or will take weeks to decode just one.