Name: Zyroan Deris

Age: 27

RACE: Dierish, Human formerly.

Eye Colour: Shroud-Black, almost soulless.

Hair Colour: Dark-Brown with a reddish tint.

Skin: Pale-White, due to lack of socialization.

Traits: Lone Wolf: Zyroan was left mute following an injury during an encounter with Bandits of The Bloodlust, who scour the borders of various kingdoms, preying on refugees. This has slowly made him lacking in emotion or feeling, and has made him lack in social ability. Anti-Hero: He will aid anyone in need, regardless of faction, status or purpose. This has made him a thorn in the side of many leaders, due to his natural lust to help others, regardless of whether or not they deserve their (often gory and unpleasant) fate.

Likes: Solitude and Shadows, Katherine Cygan

Dislikes: Large crowds, being the center of attention, Disease, his less-than-polite counterpart, who inhabits his mind.

Clothing: Zyroan wears shadow-black robes and a matching hood. He also wears a set of cloth wrapped around his mouth wound. He has a belt around his full-body robes, which carry his Twin Serrated Blades. He also has a Greatsword on his back, which is sacred to him. It should be noted that although this is his commonly-used clothing, he has at one occasion been seen with full-body Plate Armour.

Backstory: Zyroan was always an intelligent child. He was gifted at literature especially. However, his parents were raped and murdered by the Bloodlust Bandits, after offering themselves up to save him. This has made him an extremely selfless figure, who will help anyone in need, except those that have done him personal wrong. He now scours the land, looking for a sense of worth, and a chance to avenge his family.

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